As a central place in everyday life of every family, the kitchen is an essential area in your home. It requires the highest level of functionality and balance between practical and comforting elements. It is truly important to design your kitchen in a convenient manner, so you get plenty space in the areas where most of the work is done, but to also achieve pleasant ambient to spend there a lot of time. However, kitchen renovation is an even more challenging project, though most homeowners renovate kitchen quite often. Here are some expert’s useful tips on how not to overwhelm yourself during a kitchen renovation, but to still get the impressive results. Here at we will try to give you best advice on how to do kitchen renovation.

Kitchen RenovationFunctionality beats design by far

No other place in the house requires that level of functionality. Kitchen fixtures and items have to be staggered in the optimal scheme to provide comfortable working and efficiency in the kitchen. Consider the overall free space, installation, ventilation and your methods of using space in the kitchen and create an original schedule that serves its function best. Center your scheme around essential triangle: fridge, stove and a sink.

Stove and counter tops carry design

The stove is the most frequently used appliance in the kitchen, so if your renovation is primarily meant to increase the value of the kitchen and invest into everyday routine life, replace stove for a new stove. When arranging the kitchen space, make sure you reserve working areas on both sides of the stove. On the other hand, countertops are a true design statement. The dominant style of the kitchen is usually determined by counter tops and cabinets. It is where you get to play a bit with aesthetic. Think of your personal favorites, choose practical and attractive materials and shapes, but don’t get carried away with the design. Functionality comes first in this case too.

Flooring and lighting for cozy atmosphere

When remodeling the kitchen, keep in mind that you spend a lot of time standing or walking here. Floor matters. It doesn’t require impressive rich-texture carpet as in the living room, but tile or wood or parquet should hit a certain quality. Also, scatter lighting around the various areas in the kitchen to fit the purpose of a given area.

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