Having attractive windows at your home is a strong design statement, but having quality windows installed is far more important. Quality windows provide sufficient daylight in all your premises. Protect your property and play significant thermoregulation role, which directly decreases your energy bills. Basic models of energy-efficient windows with classic frames are not cheap, and customized windows with special features are even more expensive. Thus, choosing the right models when replacing the existing ones is essential.  Here at www.dodsarchitects.com we will try to give you best advice on how to do windows replacement.


Why would you replace your windows?

The most common situation when people decide to replace all their windows is when some of them get damaged or broken. However, slow deterioration of the window construction leads to cracked caulking. Rot or mold, the appearance of condensation and fogging and finally failed to seal. If you see your energy bills increasing with no obvious reason, think of your windows. Finally, some people decide to replace their windows occasionally for the mere purpose of refreshing the design of their home and for home improvement.

Slika za zamena prozoraFeatures to consider when purchasing a new window

Two most important things to consider when choosing new windows for your home are: precise dimensions of the windows (with or without frame) and properties of the window model, including high-R and low-E. Namely, these two measures determine the capacity of the window to provide thermoregulation. Meaning how well does the window keep the heat inside during cold days and the heat outside during summertime. There are plenty of different models out there at the market. Opt for the one that suits your needs, wishes and budget best. Casement and double-hung windows are the most common types, but you can also opt for picture or bay windows.

How to install new windows?

There are two main approaches. If you want a cheaper method and if you have solid frames and casing from the previous windows. Use the retrofitting method. It means you’ll just place the glass of the new window into the old casing. However, the other option is to take the old windows off altogether with frames and to insert the new one with its new casing. The other option is certainly more energy-efficient.

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